Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full polish?

Means the whole product is polished to a mirror finish.

What is the difference between powder coat and colour code?

Powder coat is more durable & stone resistant than paint (colour code), and is used more in rural areas. Colour coded paint is the same colour as the car and is more of a prestige finish for an upmarket look.

Powder coat is only available in a limited range of colours. The 2 most common powder coat colours are Black Ripple and Antique Silver Hammertone (dark grey).

Why powder coat a sumpguard?

Powder coat is used to take the look of bare alloy away and is less visible.

Can I fit a bar myself?


The bar is supplied with a fitting kit which includes instructions and all required hardware.

Can I find an authorised installer in my area?

Please ring us on +61 2 4821 1555 or email the office for locations of fitting stations.

What does Premium finish mean?

Premium finish means polished alloy top (pipe work) and painted or powder coated bottom (bumper replacement section).

Are your products airbag compatible?

Yes, our products are airbag compatible and comply with current Australian safety standards.

What is a bumper cut?

A bumper cut means the original plastic bumper is cut in half horizontally. The top half of the bumper remains on car and the bottom half is discarded.

Are your bars compatible with the eyesight technology?

Yes our bars can be fitted on newer models fitted with eyesight technology. As the bar stays static relative to the car, this function is not impaired.

What are the specifications of a bullbar?

* We use a 4mm thick bendable aluminium for strength & lightness on the main part of the bar.
* The pipes are 76mm x 4mm thick. The side pipes are made from 44mm x 4mm tube.
* The reinforcements behind our bars are made of 6mm mild steel & 50 x 50mm x 3mm thick SHS mild steel this adds to the strength.
* Our bars once fitted add only 18kgs to the original weight of the vehicle.
* They are air bag compatible & do not affect the eyesight control as they travel with the vehicle.
* The powder coated bars are fully welded bars used used a lot for the country use.
* All our bullbars come standard with 2 light tabs & an ariel tab. They can take a 540mm light bar or 2 x 6″ lights

What are the specifications of a Nudgebar?

* The nudgebars are made of 76mm aluminium 4mm thick. They use a 10mm plate aluminium bracket on the bar.
* The main bracket which attaches to the vehicle are made of 6mm mild steel & attached to the reinforcement of the vehicle to keep them air
bag compatible.
* Nudgebars come standard with 2 light tabs for adding light bars or round lights. The nudgebars are mounted through the bar opening so no
ground loss will incur.

What are the specifications of a sumpguard?

* Subaxtreme run 2 types of sumpguards at the moment.
One is made of 5mm thick cast aluminium & fits most types of Subaru’s.
The other one is 4mm thick fabricated alloy & fits some models of the Outback.
* Aluminium sumpguards are certified for use under the vehicle & give added protection to the engine.
* Sumpguards can be powder coated for areas of high corrosion.
* Sumpguards are easy to fit & can be done at home.

What does the bullbar weigh?

Our bars once fitted add only 18kgs to the original weight of the vehicle.