Forester ’06-’08 – Rear bar Out of stock

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Added information

Please provide the VIN number and paint code of you car. You only need to supply the paint code if you are ordering a colour coded bar.

Example compliance plate showing colour code
The paint code is located on the compliance plate, in this example the colour code is K7U.

This paint code guide may assist you to find the right paint code.

Product Description

*Available for X, XS and XT models*

Our bumper replacement Rear Bars offer a number of advantages for offroad or touring applications. The replacement rear bar provides substantial increase in departure angle & having its own integrated removable towbar, the towbar height from ground is greatly improved, compared with normal towbars.

It is also the platform for mounting our Spare wheel carriers/Jerry can holders. Enormous under floor storage room is gained once spare wheel is mounted on the rear carrier. No more back injuries from lifting the spare wheel out of wheel well, also no need to unload entire back of vehicle to remove spare. Constructed from high grade aluminum & powder coated steel, means long life and much more vehicle protection than the original plastic bumper.


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