Forester ’06-’08 – Sump guard

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Please provide the VIN number and paint code of you car. You only need to supply the paint code if you are ordering a colour coded bar.

Example compliance plate showing colour code
The paint code is located on the compliance plate, in this example the colour code is K7U.

This paint code guide may assist you to find the right paint code.

Product Description

*Available for X, XS, XT models*


Our cast aluminium sump guard is a must for owners intending to use their Subaru offroad or on sand. It is a bolt on replacement for the original plastic splash guard and is specially engineered to comply with airbag standards.

The original plastic splash guard provides reasonable engine protection for splashes of mud etc, but no worthy mechanical protection for sump, oil filter or lower radiator hose/housing, all of which are at risk from rocks, small animals, highly crowned roads etc.

The original unit is also very prone to being torn off completely, (almost guaranteed in sand) leaving entire under engine area exposed, which generally leads to problems with dirt/sand entering starter motors & other engine components etc.

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